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Annual Report

The Fort Wayne Philharmonic presents its Annual Report for the 2019 | 2020 Season. Unlike any other, this Season was marked by exhilarating highs and then the sudden disappointment the Board, musicians, staff, and patrons felt at having to cancel the remainder of our series. The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way we experience the arts and culture in our community, but one thing remains constant: the community's unwavering support and love of the music. We thank you deeply and appreciatively for all you have done to make the music live on, albeit in a different way, for everyone in Northeast Indiana.

Having to put the Season on hold, then cancel, was a difficult and necessary decision made to protect the safety of our musicians, patrons, and staff. As the Philharmonic was abruptly required to do business a new way, its musicians, staff, and volunteers took to the air waves – online, through recordings, and on the radio and television to reach audiences across all of Northeast Indiana. The power of great music making transcends even the greatest challenges, and all of those at the Philharmonic are dedicated to harnessing the power of music to inspire, create, enhance, lift spirits, and continue to reach even more people across our region.

For the time being, the Philharmonic was and is virtual, innovatively redefining how a 21st century orchestra can serve its community. But there is nothing the Philharmonic wants more than to see live performances back on stage, and its musicians back at work and canvassing the region so their great music can be heard throughout our communities again. Thanks to all our supporters for being such an important part of the Philharmonic and Fort Wayne.

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