2020-2021 Season Updates


Q:  Why is the Philharmonic suspending all concerts until January 30, 2021?
A: While the Philharmonic is greatly saddened to announce the suspension of all our concerts until the end of January 2021, this decision was necessary to protect the health and safety of our musicians, staff and community members. Following advice from local and state leaders regarding social distancing guidelines and with the loss of one of our performance venues, producing concerts during the COVID pandemic is not feasible in the short term.

Q:  Do you expect to resume performances from January-May 2021 if COVID-19 is still a public health threat?
A: Public safety is always our foremost priority. The Philharmonic will work closely with state and local health officials to abide by any public safety requirements to ensure a safe return to the stage.

Q: Will Philharmonic subscribers get their money returned for canceled concerts?
A: The Philharmonic is devoted to its valued subscribers. With the cancelation of concerts, we will be working with each subscriber individually to determine if they will make a donation, exchange their purchase to another concert or be provided a full refund.

Q. Will the condensed season next spring mean season tickets will be discounted? What will the season ticket cost?
A: The Philharmonic is currently finalizing the condensed season. Season subscribers can expect that the cost of a reduced season will decrease. The Philharmonic will announce our new pricing models soon, and we ask that subscribers consider turning the difference into a donation to the Philharmonic.

Q: What is the expected financial loss from the canceled season and concerts through 2020?
A: The Philharmonic is expected to face at least a $1 million loss in revenue this year due to the need to cancel the fall concerts. Due to the generosity of the community and the Small Business Administration’s Payroll Protection Plan loan, the Philharmonic is able to compensate all employees through August 31, 2020.

Q: During the pandemic, have donations to the Philanthropic diminished?
A: The Philharmonic is very fortunate to have the full support of our community during this unprecedented time. Thus far, individual donors, foundations and sponsors have graciously stepped in to support the orchestra through this needed pause.

Q: Why can’t fundraising bridge the financial gap during this challenging time?
A: While contributed revenue has increased, the importance of institutional viability for future generations relies on the engagement of our community through long-term support. This support can only be gained through increasing audience attendance enjoying live music within the concert halls.

Q: You announced that the Philharmonic plans to do an upcoming community survey and focus groups. What do you want to gain from this public input?
A: The Philharmonic is exploring every option to ensure that the orchestra returns to the stage. In an effort to better serve our community; surveys and focus groups are the best resource for the Philharmonic to learn which programs hold the most value to our patrons and to inquire about new programming that could emerge from this crisis.

Q.  Will the Philharmonic continue its education programs in regional schools?
A: The Philharmonic is deeply committed to music education across our region. We will be working closely with each school district to meet new regulations put into place for this health crisis.

Q.  What is the status of the contract negotiations with Philharmonic musicians?
A: The Philharmonic has been in contract negotiations with the musicians’ union since the Summer of 2019. Both parties have come to the negotiation table on eight separate occasions to discuss reaching a mutually acceptable agreement. The Philharmonic hopes to resume these discussions in early August and reach a new contract agreement soon. The Philharmonic remains committed to reaching a fair agreement with musicians during this uncertain time that ensures the financial viability of the orchestra for years to come.