Fort Wayne, IN (January 7, 2023) — At the end of today’s bargaining session, the Fort Wayne Philharmonic and Local 58, Fort Wayne Musicians Association have not yet reached an agreement on a new contract. At (5:45 p.m.) the Philharmonic provided its best and final offer to the Musicians of the Fort Wayne Philharmonic. The offer provides for a higher wage increase than an earlier offer the Union told media today in a news release that it would accept.

The annual wage increases are: 
Year 1: 24.3%  
Year 2: 10%  
Year 3: 8.5%  
Year 4: 3%   
The Philharmonic also proposed a signing bonus of $1,000 for each Musician following a contract agreement. 

Committed to bringing the strike to an end so that music can return to its stage, Philharmonic management increased the wage offer to 45.8%. The Philharmonic also proposed maintaining one musician seat that was on the schedule to phase out through attrition. Leaders said it is necessary for flexibility and innovation to be afforded to management in exchange for the wage increases.
If the Musicians do not accept the best and final offer by the January 10 at 11 p.m. deadline, the Philharmonic is prepared to cancel the January 28 concert due to the time required to prepare and present concerts using the full orchestra.
The financial loss of over $300,000 with the cancellation of the Holiday Pops and Messiah concerts in December makes it necessary for the Philharmonic to take cost-saving measures including no longer paying for the employer-sponsored health insurance for the Musicians, who have received the benefit during this work stoppage, if an agreement is not reached prior to the deadline.  
The Philharmonic is meeting with the Musicians on January 10 and available to clarify or answer any questions union representatives may have regarding the final offer.