Fort Wayne, IN (November 11, 2022) — Today, the Fort Wayne Philharmonic announced that its educational ensemble musicians will return to FWCS elementary schools this school year.

Fort Wayne Community Schools and the Fort Wayne Philharmonic have a long-standing partnership, spanning decades.  Discussions between FWCS administration and Fort Wayne Philharmonic leadership took place during the summer to address post-pandemic shifts and how to reignite the Philharmonic presence in the school district. Due to the recent, mutual agreement between both organizations, FWCS has chosen to fund Philharmonic ensembles performances at all 30 elementary schools in the district.

“We are excited to welcome back the Fort Wayne Philharmonic’s education ensemble to our schools,” FWCS Superintendent Dr. Mark Daniel said. “We know there is a strong relationship between academic achievement and participation in music programs. We appreciate this longstanding partnership with our city’s professional musicians.”

This is in addition to the Philharmonic Club Orchestras program held at Forest Park, South Wayne, and Waynedale Elementary Schools for preschool and elementary students.  Such an exciting development will ensure the longevity and sustainability of the FWCS and Philharmonic partnership. 

FWCS continues to be an advocate and supporter of both the fine arts as an essential part of their curriculum and the Philharmonic as a pillar of the Fort Wayne arts community.  The Philharmonic seeks to continue being engaged in the Fort Wayne community by upholding its mission and values that include education for all ages.   

Club Orchestra rehearsals began in September.  Educational ensembles at each elementary school have begun and will take place throughout the 2022-2023 Philharmonic season.