At Sweetwater Performance Pavilion - $25 Tickets On Sale June 15 at 10:00 a.m.

Brody Dolyniuk, vocalist
Brent Havens, conductor

Bridging the gulf between rock n’ roll and classical music, Fort Wayne Philharmonic performs The Music Of Queen at the Sweetwater Performance Pavilion on Sunday, July 25 at 7:30 p.m. The conductor takes the podium to present Windborne's The Music Of Queen, a program scored to extend the listening experience of Queen’s exceptional tunes. Performed by an orchestra and amplified with a full rock band and vocals, this show captures Queen's distinct sound while presenting some familiar and lots of new musical colors.

All tickets must be reserved through the Sweetwater Pavilion Box Office. Tickets will be available online or in person starting on June 15, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. For questions regarding seating, please contact the Sweetwater Pavilion Box Office at 260.432.8176 x1137. Fort Wayne Philharmonic "On Account" funds are not available for use at this event.


Berklee-trained arranger/conductor Brent Havens has written music for orchestras, feature films and virtually every kind of television. His TV work includes movies for networks such as ABC, CBS and The Family Channel, commercials, sports music for networks such as ESPN and even cartoons. He worked with the Doobie Brothers and the Milwaukee Symphony, arranging and conducting the combined group for Harley Davidson’s 100th Anniversary Birthday Party Finale attended by over 150,000 fans. Havens most recent film work includes the score for the film Quo Vadis, a Premier Pictures remake of the 1956 gladiator film. Havens is Arranger/Guest Conductor for four symphonic rock programs – The Music of Led Zeppelin, The Music of the Doors, The Music of Pink Floyd, The Music of the Eagles, and now The Music of Queen.

Guest vocalist Brody Dolyniuk remembers mimicking voices even as a child, listening to old records and tapes. He is a gifted, self-taught musician, capable of playing several instruments, with a particular knack for capturing the voices and mannerisms of classic characters from music, TV, and movies. His first professional gigs were at piano bars in several U.S. cities, where he learned to charm audiences and expand his musical repertoire. With a longing to perform the music of the many rock bands that inspired him, Brody assembled Yellow Brick Road, unquestionably Las Vegas' most successful classic rock band. Since 1997, YBR has been reshaping the casino entertainment scene by bringing a rock concert atmosphere to showrooms previously reserved for Top-40-style lounge acts. Along the way, Brody has made numerous radio and TV appearances, and earned a spot in the finals of two national singing competitions, and even self-produced several large rock production-style shows utilizing multimedia, lasers, comedy and special effects. In 2007, Brody lent his vocal talents by singing several tracks on the mega-hit video game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, and has already done several more for the new Konami game Rock Revolution. As a devout classic rock/Queen fan, Brody’s enthusiasm, vocal ability and on-stage energy were the perfect fit for The Music of Queen show.

Additional Musicians:
Bass/Vocals – Daniel Clemens
Drums/Vocals – Powell Randolph
Guitar/Vocals – George Cintron
Keyboards/Vocals - Justin Avery



1 Violetta Todorova
Johanna Bourkova-Morunov
2 Timothy Tan
Alexandra Tsilibes
3 Pablo Vasquez


1 Betsy Gephart
Kristin Westover
2 Michael Acosta
Tomer Marcus
3 David Ling


1 Derek Reeves
Debra Welter
2 Bruce Graham


1 Andre Gaskins
Elizabeth Lee
2 Jane Heald


1 Adrian Mann
Kevin Piekarski


Hillary Feibel


Orion Rapp


Campbell MacDonald


Dennis Fick


Michael Galbraith
Katie Loesch


Andrew Lott


Brian Johnston
Kevin Dombrowski
Andrew Sharkey

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