Caleb Young, conductor

DeKalb Outdoor Theater

301 Center St, Auburn, IN 46706

Free Admission to the Public (No Tickets Required)

Friends and family from across the region are invited to enjoy the Fort Wayne Philharmonic in a concert celebration of the American spirit. Bring your lawn chairs or blankets to enjoy this FREE outdoor concert for the whole family!

No rain site


SMITH                                 Star-spangled Banner

GOULD                                American Salute

COPLAND                           An Outdoor Overture

PRICE                                  Nimble Feet from Dances in the Canebrakes

1. Nimble Feet

(From a collection of piano pieces; orchestrated by Wm. Grant Still; ed. Michael Kibbe.)           


BERNSTEIN                          Overture to Candide

ANDERSON                          Summer Skies

WILLIAMS                             Scherzo for X-Wings from Star Wars: The Force Awakens

WILLIAMS                             Theme from Jurassic Park

HORNER (John Moss)         Selections from Apollo 13

SOUSA                                  El Capitan March

LOWDEN                              Armed Forces Salute

TRADITIONAL                      Sing Out America

COPLAND                            Hoe Down, from Rodeo

TCHAIKOVSKY                    1812 Overture

SOUSA                                 Stars and Stripes Forever

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