Auer Performance Hall at PFW Music Center


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Troy Webdell, conductor
Arab Fest members, artistic partner

In collaboration with the Fort Wayne Arab Fest, take a magical carpet ride to the Middle East, exploring the pyramids, a grand bazaar, and music from Disney’s Aladdin. 

Pre-concert activities will begin at 10:00am in the Arts United Center’s lobby.  Don’t forget to check out your favorite books from the Allen County Library Mobile after the concert, too! 

Family concerts are a staple for Northeast Indiana families looking for fun, educational music experiences. These kid-friendly performances will set your child up with a lifelong love of music. This year's family series gives your child a taste of music from around the globe, including the sounds of Mexico, China, the United States and more! 

To take a virtual trip to the Middle East, click here. 



SAY                                      Kapalı Çarşı- Grand Bazaar (10 minutes)

RIMSKY-                              Festival at Baghdad from Scheherazade,
KORSAKOV                        Op. 35 (12 minutes)

EL-DABH                             Trois Themes Pharaonique from Music
                                             of the Pyramids (6 minutes) 
                                                     Let Us Dance! 
                                                     Paying Tribute 

MENKEN                             Selections from Aladdin  (8-12 minutes)
(arr. Mortimer)

Listen to our Aladdin’s Magic Lamp: Music of the Middle East playlist on Spotify.

Special Thanks To Our Community Partners: