Arts United Center

Andrew Constantine, conductor
Luke Fitzpatrick, flute
Orion Rapp, oboe

A recreation of the Philharmonic's 1st concert performed on October 18, 1944. 

Stay afterwards for a slice of birthday cake!


Bizet — Preludes to Carmen
                        Prelude I
                        Prelude II
                        Prelude III
                        Prelude IV                    

Schubert — Symphony No. 8 in B minor

Wagner — Overture to “Tannhauser”                                                                             

Rogers — Soliloquy for Flute and String Orchestra                                                   
                      Luke Fitzpatrick, flute

Barlow — Rhapsody for Oboe and String Orchestra                                           
                       Orion Rapp, oboe

Liszt — Les Préludes, S. 97